Trusted Third Party Inspection Service in Dubai, UAE | Global Pageant

Third Party / Second Party Inspection

Impartial and Independent third-party inspection coordination as per the ISO 17020 standards.

Vendor Inspection

Inspect the product at vendor premises for an agreed scope of work defined by the buyer.

Regulatory Inspection

Professional inspectors with legal and technical skills ensure the implementation of regulatory compliance during business operation.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Ascertain the conformity of the goods with its order requirement and shipping requirements before dispatch.

Periodic Shutdown / Turnaround Inspections

Certified API, CWI or NDE professionals efficiently execute the inspection at industrial plants during a total, partial or planned shutdowns.

Oil Country Tubular Goods Inspection & Services (OCTG)

Complete assistance to cover inspection services for OCTG goods like drilling, tubular pipes or casing.

QA/QC Inspection

Enhance the credibility of the product with adequate quality assurance and quality control.

Property Inspection

Assess on property purchase to provide a value on money spend to improve confidence and satisfaction.

Static and Rotating Equipment Inspection

Inspect the installation of valve, boilers, heat exchangers, compressors, turbines, pump on construction site.

Structural Inspection

Visual inspection carried out to give a detail insight of the structural integrity, identify any deterioration or potential hazards.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Assess the fall protection and height safety equipment at site to detect and rectify defects.

Amusement Park Ride / Device Safety Inspection

Independent device safety inspection, testing and certification to safeguard the safety of its users.

Product Inspection / Verification

QC professionals verify the product for its specifications, safety, quality, or performance tailored to the customer needs.

ASME Authorized Inspection

Assure the quality and safety of the pressure vessels by competent Inspectors duly authorized by construction Code and Client needs.