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Non-destructive testing (NDT) and corrosion monitoring

Advanced NDT service with accurate and reliable results for specialised and conventional NDT procedures.

Ferrite Measurement

Balancing the ferrite contain in stainless steel with a ferrite scope test before and after welding to maintain the material property.

Hardness Testing

Perform various NDT test like Rockwell or Brinell to determine the material is fit for the purpose and stay resistant against any distortion.

Heat Exchanger Tube Leakage Testing

Quickly and accurately detect leakage of pipes in tube heat exchangers or tubular vessels.

Material Identification

Sophisticated testing equipment with high precision to check the chemical composition of metals.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic inspection to detect the failures, cracks, flaws of complex parts, welds, thickness and corrosion.

Product Testing

Expertise with local and international standards do product testing to enhance the credibility in the growing global infrastructure.

Rope Access

Multiple rope access maintenance services to minimise the ground level, structural and scaffolding disruption.

Time of Flight Diffraction

TOFD as assistance to phased array ultrasonic testing to detect the defects of a variety of tools designed for a specific application.

Vacuum Box Testing

Test carried out by pressuring vacuum box using soap and air looking for bubbles to detect leaks in the weld.

Welder Qualification Test

Training and certification of welder using ASME codes and standards to quality their welding capability.