What is it

    Quality assurance and quality control refer to the processes, businesses used to ensure that product, component and quality is maintained or improved, and that manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated. It may be carried out internally, or by an independent body.

    Key Benefits
    • Meet customer expectations and regulations and avoid costly defects.
    • Safety, credibility, and longevity of the products.
    • Defend and protect the interests of the Client
    • Ensure that goods conform to contract specifications
    What we do

    We provide a diverse range of QC/QA supply chain services for industrial applications. We work with major clients in process industries, construction and shipping to control the quality of manufacture of equipment and components to client and regulatory specifications.

    This process is essential as construction and operation of industrial facilities often demands specialist components, manufactured by a variety of vendors from different countries. Our QC/QA services therefore minimize costly delays and mitigate risk due to failure.

    Why GP
    1. We have dedicated tools to manage inspections worldwide
    2. Competent, highly skilled & Experienced workforce
    3. Timely and cost-effective & reliable support
    4. Low Turnaround time; Flexible with changing technology and service requirements
    5. Experienced and reliable
    6. Good reputation and track record in the Market
    7. Ensure continued training, development and competency validation of our staff.