What is it

    The successful completion of a large-scale construction project requires input from highly qualified and experienced personnel; on-time execution of work so that deadlines are met; quality components; and safe working environments.

    Key Benefits

    Experienced Competent staffs with project management track records

    Low process time to get person on board.

    Technical Competency evaluation done in advance.

    No recruitment visa process formalities

    Readily available technical staffs

    What we do

    GP’s expert inspection personnel are available for management and support of small and large projects from start to finish.  We support our customers’ projects in new construction, on-going maintenance, addition construction and projects related to pre-existing units/facilities.

    Why GP
    1. We have dedicated tools to manage inspections worldwide
    2. Competent, highly skilled & Experienced workforce
    3. Timely and cost-effective & reliable support
    4. Low Turnaround time; Flexible with changing technology and service requirements
    5. Experienced and reliable
    6. Good reputation and track record in the Market
    7. Ensure continued training, development and competency validation of our staff.