What is it

    Providing Authorized Inspection Agency Services to Manufacturers of Boiler & Pressure Vessel to obtain Certificate of Authorization from ASME & NB.

    Services of Authorized Inspector for Inspection & Certification of Boiler & Pressure Vessels (New construction & Repair)

    AIA Agency: Authorized Inspection Associates LLC.

    Key Benefits
    1. Consistency of design,
    2. Improved operational efficiency
    3. Safety of pressure equipment
    4. Access the international market
    What we do

    We assist you through the entire process of accreditation, fabrication and inspection

    Provide Technical support on understanding Code Requirements.

    Our inspections cover

    1. Pressure Vessels
    2. Power Boilers
    3. Heating Vessels
    4. Piping
    Why GP
    1. We have dedicated tools to manage inspections worldwide
    2. Timely and cost-effective support
    3. Flexible with changing technology and service requirements
    4. Experienced and reliable
    5. Competent, highly skilled & Experienced workforce
    6. Reputation and track record
    7. Continued training, development and competency validation of our staff.