What is it

Certification represents assurance by an independent certification body of conformity to specific requirements. It covers products and their components, services and systems.

The certification process typically includes on-site audits and standardized testing and inspections. Once a certificate has been delivered, it is maintained through regular audits.

Key Benefits

Certification can improve reputation, open up new markets or simply enable the company to operate. It also enables companies to manage risk and drive performance, by tracking a number of key variables over a period of time.

What we do

We provide Certification Services for following:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • Pressure Vessel (New Construction)as per ASME SEC VIII-1
  • Pressure Equipment (In-service) as per NBIC Part-2
  • Steel Structures (New Construction) as per AWS D1.1

Why Global Pageant

  • We have dedicated tools to manage inspections worldwide
  • Timely and cost-effective support
  • Flexible with changing technology and service requirements
  • Experienced and reliable
  • Competent, highly skilled & Experienced workforce
  • Reputation and track record
  • Continued training, development and competency validation of our staff.